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Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen!   100 km durch den Süden des Ruhrgebiets  
Date:  25.-26.08.2012 Map
Event:  8th Lean Horse Ultra-Marathon 100 Mile
Start in (Country): Hot Springs, SD (USA)
Length/Duration: 100mi
Ranking eligible: No More ultra races in Hot Springs, SD
IAU-Label: No label
Field limit:
Race type: trail race
Elevation gain/loss: 2200Hm
Course description: The 100 Mile and 50 Mile both are out-and-back courses. Surface: trail, bike path.
Time Limit: 30h
Contact Person: Lean Horse Productions
Address: 135 E. Illinois Street, PMB 188, Spearfish, SD 57783
Phone: +1-605 642 2382
Mobile phone:
Email: leanhorse[at]
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Results Splits list of winners (M/F)
27.08.2016 100mi
  (32 M, 12 F)
Marcel Thielke 18:20:45h Tracy Wallace 23:04:08h
22.08.2015 100mi
  (29 M, 15 F)
Kyle Blasch 18:55:13h Mary Flaws 18:13:06h
23.08.2014 100mi
  (27 M, 12 F)
Jeremy Bradford 18:33:07h Melissa Budd 22:51:40h
24.08.2013 100mi
  (35 M, 8 F)
Jordan Hanlon 15:59:53h Melissa Budd 23:37:20h
25.08.2012 100mi
  (55 M, 18 F)
Paul Hopwood 15:14:15h Lorie Alexander 20:29:24h
27.08.2011 100mi
  (54 M, 23 F)
Thomas Whalen 15:34:43h Deborah Hamberlin 20:30:01h
28.08.2010 100mi
  (71 M, 23 F)
Mike Vance 15:25:00h Anita-Marie Fromm 22:00:05h
22.08.2009 100mi
  (51 M, 21 F)
Akos Konya 16:46:20h Karen Douglas 21:10:17h
23.08.2008 100mi
  (64 M, 19 F)
Jonathan Olsen 15:40:33h Jenny Capel 16:55:30h
25.08.2007 100mi
  (48 M, 18 F)
Akos Konya 15:24:00h Susan Lance 20:42:00h
26.08.2006 100mi
  (43 M, 8 F)
Ryan Loehding 17:38:30h Cathy Tibbetts 22:36:10h
27.08.2005 100mi
  (51 M, 8 F)
Jeff Christian 17:38:34h Cathy Tibbetts 20:51:54h
Age group distribution 25.08.2012 (55 men, 18 women)
Age group distribution
Performance distribution 25.08.2012 (55 men, 18 women)
Performance distribution
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