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UTAT Ultra-Trail-Atlas-Toubcal   50 km von Ebershausen  
Name: Henninger, Frederic   Submit Personal Website Send Link 
Club: Le Rame 
Residence: Le Rame
Year of birth: 1979 (Cat. german: M35)
Date of birth: 26.11.1979 (Cat. international: M35)
Nationality: FRA FRA France

2 search results (2 Events, 99.1 km).

2012 2 Events, 99.1 km
20.05.2012 Trail du Wurzel 52.3km
5:46:59 h Henninger, Frederic Le Rame  Overall: 13 M: 13 Cat MHK: 3
18.03.2012 Trail du Petit Ballon 46.8km
4:49:49 h Henninger, Frederic *Le Rame  Overall: 100 M: 99 Cat MHK: 22

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