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Datum:  12.05.2017 09:00-13.05.2017 Map
Veranstaltung:  16. Euchidios hyper Athlos Delphi-Plataea-Delphi
Startort (Land): Delphi (GRE)
Länge/Dauer: 215km,107km
Bestenlisten-tauglich: Nein Weitere Ultras in Delphi
IAU-Label: Kein Label
Laufkategorie: Straßenlauf
Strecken-beschreibung: The route of the race is from Delphi to Plataea and back (107,5+107,5).Mythical course to the center of earth:delphi! Its historical backgound,its difficulty, the natural beauty of the route,and the best organization make this race unique.
Zeitlimit: 36h,15h
Organisation: Hellenic triathlon and long distance sportsassociation ' Euchidas'
Kontakt: Ritsa Antonopoulou
Adresse: Ritsa Antonopoulou, Ag. Theodoron 27, 20200, Tragana Kiato Greece
Telefon: +30- 27420- 21672
Mobil: +30 6982712878
Email: euchidiosathlos[at]
Weitere Informationen
Startgebühr: 170 Euro / 70 Euro
Sonstiges: Transportation from Athens to Delphi and back. Pasta party, on the eve of the race, Hotel with breakfast and lunch for two days in Delphi, t-shirt, and other local gifts, medals, certificate, and the onique prize for the finishers Euchidas torch
Ergebnisse Splits Siegerliste (M/W)
08.05.2015 215km
  (19 M, 0 W)
Giorgos Tasios 24:20:55h  
09.05.2014 215km
  (12 M, 0 W)
Athanasios Goulomitros 25:06:45h  
08.05.2009 215km
  (10 M, 0 W)
Loukas Konstas 23:48:48h  
10.05.2008 215km
  (3 M, 0 W)
Nikolaos Thanos 30:04:30h  
06.05.2005 215km
  (5 M, 0 W)
Georgios Psailas 25:50:02h  
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